The competences of the Supervisory Board are governed by the Polish Code of Commercial Companies, the Statutes of the Company and the Regulation of Supervisory Board dated 26 October 2020. The Supervisory Board consists of at least five members appointed to serve a common three-year term. The current term of the Supervisory Board begun in 27 Juny 2022.

> Regulation of Supervisory Board (available in Polish)

The Audit Committee operates within the Supervisory Board, the principles of its operation are regulated by the Act on Statutory Auditors, Audit Firms and Public Oversight, as well as the Regulations of the Audit Committee of October 9, 2017. On February 6, 2023, the Supervisory Board of RAFAMET S.A. adopted a resolution to appoint a five-person Audit Committee from among the members of the Supervisory Board. Mr. Janusz Paruzel serves as the Chairman.

Regulation of Audit Committee (available in Polish)


Members of the Supervisory Board of RAFAMET S.A.:

Mr. Paweł Sułecki - Chairman of Supervisory Board

Mrs. Klaudia Budzisz - Deputy Chairman of Supervisory Board

Mr. Andrzej Mucha - Member of Supervisory Board 

Mr. Janusz Paruzel - Member of Supervisory Board

Mr. Paweł Wochowski - Member of Supervisory Board


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