We have decided to join the group of entities that appreciate and put into practice the idea of sustainable development, defined by the United Nations Global Compact. We align our business practices with sustainable development standards in four areas: human rights, labor rights, environmental protection and corruption countermeasure.


RAFAMET S.A. treats the observance of human rights in the course of running a business as a basic element of ethical business, which the company has been developing for many years in almost 80 countries around the world. The company upholds values such as: respect and openness towards each person, social integration, tolerance, transparency and respect for the right to privacy. Respecting human rights is mainly expressed in the right to freedom of association, in providing employees with a safe working environment, preventing discrimination, child labor and forced labor, which has been formalized in the company's internal files concerning mainly the labor and social areas.
The nature of the activities conducted by the company and its geographic scope confirm that we respect the diversity of origin, race, gender, culture, age and marital status, as well as religious and political beliefs and membership in social and professional organizations.


RAFAMET S.A., as a company driven by high ethical standards, ensures equal rights in the workplace. The company tries to make every employee feel appreciated and respected, regardless of religion, age, sex, nationality or views. Employees have the opportunity to develop their skills by participating in vocational training and courses.
In the area of human resources management, the key elements of diversity have been taken into account, which allow the selection of candidates ensuring the effective implementation of the company's development strategy, starting from the lowest and ending with the highest management level. RAFAMET S.A. makes every effort to ensure that the principles of equal treatment in the workplace are applied, especially in the area of recruitment, remuneration, promotions, access to training, protection against mobbing and protection against unjustified dismissal.


RAFAMET S.A. operates based on the principle of sustainable development policy, which assumes conscious and appropriately shaped relations between economic growth, care for the natural environment and human health. The company is aware of the impact of its activities on the natural environment, it acts in an environmentally friendly manner, implementing processes aimed at improving methods of preventing negative effects on the environment. An element of the company's business strategy is to maintain and continuously improve the Environmental Management System, compliant with the ISO 14001 standard.
RAFAMET S.A. fulfills its obligations through:
- fulfillment of obligations regarding compliance with legal requirements of environmental aspects,
- rational management of natural resources,
- selective collection of waste generated in the course of business operations, their recording and disposal in accordance with the requirements of environmental protection regulations,
- the use of raw materials and technologies in production processes that are safe for people and the environment,
- limiting pollutant emissions - introducing environmentally friendly technologies, modernizing technological processes,
- continuous raising of environmental awareness of employees,
- continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Management System.

In this area, we also meet the regulations resulting from Art. 32c of the Atomic Law Act  (Journal of Laws of 2019, item 1792). There are no releases of radioactive substances to the environment as a result of the activities conducted.


The basis for the company's operations is absolute compliance with the law, the principles of fair competition and morality. RAFAMET S.A. as a thriving and sustainable company, aims to uphold the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct. The company does not tolerate any activities that would violate applicable law in any area of its business and expects the same from its contractors. The zero tolerance for corruption also applies to all countries in which we do business. RAFAMET S.A. will not tolerate any attempt to improperly influence employees, associates, customers, public officials, or any other person. Reliability, legality and honesty increase the stability and security of the brand and eliminate the risk of corruption.
The effect of this approach is the lack of corruption and corruption-like behavior identified in the company. We recorded no lawsuits concerning violations of the principles of fair competition in the company. RAFAMET S.A. maintains a good reputation by acting with integrity and resisting all forms of corruption, bribery and extortion.



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